Global Challenges in the Anthropocene B


This module together with Global Challenges in the Anthropocene A provides students with an introduction to the concept of the Anthropocene, considering current debates around this concept and how it fits within the development of Environmental Science. Students will explore the major challenges that face society, considering how these have developed over time and critically evaluating potential solutions and societal changes that are needed. We will also consider how the scientific community engages with the public and explore the barriers to understanding and engagement with global issues. The module is delivered via small group tutorials providing a supportive environment to discuss these complex and important issues.

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Have knowledge of key environmental policies and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Understand how science feeds into environmental policy and law
  • Critically evaluate the ways in which science is used and communicated in society
  • Effectively communicate scientific information to the publicSelf-Reflect on learning and practise


  • Group Video : Coursework
  • Reflective Diary : Coursework