Weather Climate and Society


The module is designed to make students familiar with basic aspects of mid-latitude weather (incl. different aspects of observations, analysis, and forecasts), climate (e.g. natural variability, anthropogenic climate change), and the way operational information will be used for benefit for society.

This will include interfaces between scientific knowledge and end users in economy and society on climate scales.

Specific applications will be highlighted:

  • The potential of wind and solar power
  • The cost/benefit of the use of weather information by industry
  • Understanding of climate variability
  • The two way relationship between climate and society and the methods of climate impact assessment 


  • Student group presentations 
  • Essay
  • Examination

Key skills

  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of Meteorology
  • Develop capability to analyse synoptic weather situation by means of surface and upper-air charts
  • Knowledge of fundamentals of the climate system and sources of its variability
  • Understanding the weather and climate systems interactions and basic understanding of the differences between weather and climate
  • Basic understanding of interactions between weather and society, industry and business
  • Basic understanding of meteorological applications in risk transfer mechanisms
  • Basic understanding of impacts of climatic extremes on society and economy