Global Environmental Issues A

This 20-credit module examines the conflict between the use of natural resources, growing environmental degradation and increasing population.

It assesses the difficulties in distinguishing human impacts from natural environmental changes, and examines a number of specific environmental issues grouped within broad inter-disciplinary themes spanning key areas of research excellence in Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, including a selection of:

  • Water
  • Climate Change
  • Forests
  • Environmental Health
  • Urban Environments
  • Global Challenges

By the end of this module you should have learnt the following Key skills:

  • Understanding of the importance of multi- and inter-disciplinary science when seeking to understand environmental problems
  • The contribution that Physical Geography can make to addressing global environmental issue
  • Intellectual skills: in synthesising a diverse and fast-evolving subject
  • Communication skills: in presenting concise summaries of selected environmental issues