Regenerating Urban Communities


This module is designed to explore the experience of communities engaged in urban regeneration by means of drawing on specific experience in the field.

Regeneration is multi-faceted and complex and is also primarily about people's lives. The module is a good opportunity to build a framework within which that story can be heard.

There is an explicit focus on community involvement and the role it plays in relation to the regeneration of urban neighbourhoods.

There is a focus on exploring the experience of community-based solutions and activities in relation to urban regeneration.

It combines teaching, class discussion, visits and project work to enable students to experience at first hand the regeneration process at work from a community perspective.

The programme of study comprises of a 20 credit module delivered over two semesters. The classes in Semester 2 will explicitly focus on the Castle Vale case study via a student-centred learning project that will explore the notion of what makes Castle Vale work as an example of involving local communities in the process of urban regeneration.

The intention is to identify what potential lessons we can learn from this experience that will help inform contemporary urban regeneration activities elsewhere.


There are three pieces of assessment:

  • Essay
  • Group Project Presentation 
  • Individual Project Report

Key skills

  • Essay writing
  • Synthesising key concepts
  • Project Management
  • Presentation
  • Group working