Skills for Planners


This modules develops key skills for planners and the opportunity to engage in depth with planning in action. involves a combination of class discussion, presentations, local visits, and small-group project work. We will be exploring planning in action and using local sites to explore some key issues as part of our planning laboratory. The module also enables students to begin to develop core skills of the planning profession – namely Geographic Information Systems. GIS are used for spatial data analysis within a wide range of industries; their use is a core skill for planners and environmental scientists. This module will introduce students to some of the different systems which can be employed and a range of different techniques for spatial data analysis. The emphasis will be on project work, with students learning different techniques in order to employ some of these to answer a research question of their own devising.

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of a range of GIS software.Demonstrate the ability to apply GIS analysis to an original research question.
  • Demonstrate an intermediate level of understanding of planning issues facing the City of Birmingham and the surrounding region.
  • Respond effectively to a project brief and present the findings to a group.