Wetland Environments


Wetlands are an essential global carbon store and water resource, storing five times more carbon than the Amazonia rainforest and providing an important source of the UK's drinking water. This module studies the hydrological processes that control these critical ecosystems.

The module examines how wetland hydrology is characterised, investigating evapotranspiration, ground water and unsaturated moisture dynamics within these environments.

It shows how these processes impact wetland carbon dynamics and the wider catchment hydrology.

Further, interactions between wetlands ecological and hydrological processes are explored and the vulnerability of these environments to increasing wildfire activity under a changing climate is assessed.


  • Research papers
  • Students will have the option to submit an additional 2,000-word research paper for feedback.

Key skills

  • Computer skills
  • Quantitative methods
  • Computer modelling
  • Laboratory skills
  • Essay writing