Blog posts

The freedom to love: Mixed-immigration status couples and the immigration system, by C. Morgan-Glendinning and M.Griffiths (Policy Bristol Hub, July 2021)

My passport is just my way out of here: the Brits affected by deportation, by M. Griffiths and C. Morgan-Glendinning (Freemovement, June 2021)

Fall in love at your own peril’: Forcing British citizens to leave the UK, by M.Griffiths, S.Mehta & C.Morgan-Glendinning (BritCits, June 2021)

Parenting through ‘modern technology’: learning from the pandemic, by C.Morgan-Glendinning and M.Griffiths (Migration, Mobilities Bristol, June 2021).

Forced worklessness and fatherhood by Candice Morgan-Glendinning & Dr Melanie Griffiths (COMPAS, University of Oxford, May 2021)

From British Playgrounds to Immigration Removal Centresby Candice Morgan-Glendinning & Dr Melanie Griffiths (COMPAS 2018)

New research shows the impact of deportation on mixed-immigration status families (Freemovement, 2018)

People like us just shouldn’t fall in love’: how British immigration rules are separating fathers from their families (The Conversation, 2018)

Love, Legality and Masculinity  (Border Crims, 2016)

Invisible fathers of immigration detention in the UK (Open Democracy, 2016)

Gendering Migration (COMPAS, 2015)

Detention, Deportation & the Family (Border Criminologies, 2014)

The Course of True Love never did run smooth (COMPAS, 2014)