Policy Outputs


Deportability and the Family - June 2021

Report from the Deportability and the Family project. Examines the intersection of family life and immigration enforcement in the context of a decade of profound immigration policy shifts, including interpretation of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) (the right to respect of one’s private and family life).


Immigration enforcement and Article 8 rights: Mixed-immigration status families

Policy report summarising the 'Deportability and the Family' project, including the legal and policy context of the changing political interpretation of Article 8 rights. The report offers policy relevant insights and recommendations


Detention of Fathers in the Immigration System

Policy briefing looking at the splitting of families by the immigration detention and enforced removal of foreign national fathers. 85% of immigration detainees in the UK are men and many have dependants in the country.


Operation Nexus

Policy briefing on the police-Home Office initiative Operation Nexus. Although framed as targeting ‘High Harm’ foreign national offenders, Operation Nexus draws in low-level, petty and historical offenders, as well as those merely alleged to have ‘criminal character’ on the basis of ‘non-conviction’ evidence.