Jimmy McLoughlin, OBE

Jimmy's Jobs of the Future podcast host
Former Downing Street adviser

BA Political Science, 2009


Quotation - During my course, I was exposed to ideas and thinkers different to my own. More importantly, I began lifelong friendships, with people who I still see regularly, a decade on from graduation.

I am the host of the business and careers podcast, Jimmy's Jobs of the Future, and former special adviser to the Prime Minister, spending three years in No.10 Downing Street between 2016-2019 ... the quiet years. 

I gained a strong understanding of some of the intellectual underpinnings of Politics during my course, and was exposed to a set of idea's and thinkers who I did not agree with, which strengthened my convictions.  More importantly though, I began lifelong friendships, with close to two dozen people, many of whom I still see regularly, a decade on from graduation. 

One of the best bits of advice I have ever received in life was given as a bit of an afterthought at the end of my very first lecture by Dr Peter Kerr, 'you are here studying politics / International Relations / History, because you are bright and interested in the world, you'll probably have strong opinions too, make sure in three years time that you don't hold the same views as you do now, and if you do, I hope they are for different reasons.

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Jimmy Mcloughlin, OBE

“To use a baseball term: ‘If you are going to swing, swing big...’ To quote Baz Lurman: ‘you have no idea how much possibility lays before you'.”