Konrad Jagodzinski

Senior Public Relations Specialist at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London.

BA International Relations with Political Science, 2012

Originally from Poland, Konrad wanted to study in the UK and was a founder of the University of Birmingham Polish Society. He counts welcoming Jeremy Paxman to the Embassy amongst his most extraordinary days on the job.

We Are Birmingham Alumni: Konrad Jagodzinski

Video transcript: I finished high school in Warsaw, Poland, and I wanted to study in Britain. I chose Birmingham for its excellence in Political Science and International Relations. 

I was among the founders of the University of Birmingham Polish Society and I know that it’s still alive and kicking, so I’m very proud of that.  And also my final year I was elected to the Guild Council. It’s just an amazing experience, I mean there’s nothing that can teach you more about diplomacy than leading a students’ society committee when you have all sorts of different views and you still need to reach a consensus.

I’ve always been interested in politics and international affairs and it was a natural choice to study that at university level, so it obviously still has impact on what I do because I work in diplomacy at an Embassy here in London.  In my public diplomacy portfolio I’m responsible for promotional campaigns at the Embassy that promote Poland to the British Public. I also liaise with the media, both Polish and British, and I’m also responsible for the Embassy’s communications strategy which some of my friends here at work would equate to tweeting a lot but I’d like to think there’s a bit more to that! 

In my typical day we start about 9 o’clock, we go through our mailboxes and the morning press. If there’s no crisis I then liaise with our partners to prepare various events that we hold at the Embassy. I also file cables to the Foreign Ministry in Warsaw, I liaise with the media on a daily basis – there’s plenty of media enquiries every day both in Polish and in English. The most extraordinary experience on the job was when I got to welcome Jeremy Paxman to the Embassy when he had an interview with our Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski.  That was the first time that the Foreign Minister visited since I had started working here and yeah, before the actual interview for BBC Newsnight, which actually took place in this very room, I had my own interview with Paxo and I promise I did not threaten to overrule him!

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Konrad Jagodzinski

“I'm a huge JRR Tolkien geek so I loved all those places in Birmingham that inspired him to write about Middle Earth from Sarehole Mill where he thought of the shire for the first time, to exploring the Black Country, otherwise known as the Land or Mordor where the shadows lie.”