Model NATO

The School of Government sends teams of students to three in-person Model NATO events.

International Model NATO 2022

Model NATO (like its more familiar namesake Model United Nations) is a simulation of debate and the decisions taken by the member countries of the NATO alliance. Students who take part form a small delegation that represents one or more NATO ally and are involved in agenda-setting, debate, crisis-management and high-level decision-making. 

Model NATO is based on active participation and learning by doing. It is a great way to experience the reality of organisational decision-making and diplomacy. Many of the students who have been involved in Model NATO have gone on to pursue successful careers in government, the armed forces and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). 

These exciting events take part in Washington DC, London and Lisbon. The Washington event is open to both postgraduate and undergraduate students. The other two Models are for undergraduates only.   

The Models involve a mix of students from a range of UK, European and North American universities and military academies who benefit from the sponsorship of NATO itself, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British International Studies Association and a consortium of American, British and Portuguese universities.

You can find out more by visiting the links below: 

Details of how to apply for Model NATO are circulated via School and Departmental contacts and overall coordination is provided by Professor Mark Webber in POLSIS (School of Government).