The pros, cons and risks of ICT for the rural Global South

Monday 20 May 2024 (13:00-14:00)
  • IDD 60th Anniversary Special book launches

This book dives into the achievements, opportunities, risks and dangers of ICT in the rural Global South, and takes a look at the likely future.

Drawing on experience across 45 countries, as well as extensive original academic research, Willem van Eekelen situates the evolving role of ICT in wider development patterns in the Global South. He discusses the effects of ICT on agriculture, trade, financial flows, resource management and governmental performance. He then considers the associated risks of financial insecurity, online gambling, exclusion, misinformation and the effects of ICT on people’s freedom. The book concludes with six recommendations to maximise the usefulness of rural ICT investments and minimise the risk of them causing harm.

This book aims to help students, academics, governmental policymakers, donors and investors wishing to support socio-economic development in the Global South.

Speaker biography

Willem van Eekelen is an economist with experience spanning numerous companies, donors, UN agencies, and non-governmental organizations, all within the realm of international development. His practical expertise acquired over the years has been seamlessly integrated into his teaching role at IDD, enriching the academic environment with insights derived from his extensive professional background.

Until 2010, Willem mostly held policy and programme positions. Since then, he works as an independent evaluator in the humanitarian and development sectors. In parallel, Willem supports organisations with their strategy development, holds occasional trusteeships and teaches at the University of Birmingham. Willem co-owns Green Visions, an adventure tourism company. His previous publications include a few academic works as well as a few tourist guides and Bloomsbury’s 100 ideas for dads who love their kids but find them exhausting.

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