States, Markets and Foreign Aid with Dr Simone Dietrich (University of Geneva)

Wednesday 13 October 2021 (14:00-15:30)
Interlocking cogs

States, Markets and Foreign Aid with Dr Simone Dietrich (University of Geneva)

The IDD Guest Seminar Series is delighted to welcome Dr Simone Dietrich (Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Geneva) to discuss her latest book with Cambridge University Press.


States, Markets and Foreign Aid

Why do some donor governments pursue international development through recipient governments, while others bypass such local authorities? Weaving together scholarship in political economy, public administration and historical institutionalism, Simone Dietrich argues that the bureaucratic institutions of donor countries shape donor–recipient interactions differently despite similar international and recipient country conditions. Donor nations employ institutional constraints that authorize, enable and justify particular aid delivery tactics while precluding others. Offering quantitative and qualitative analyses of donor decision-making, the book illuminates how donors with neoliberally organized public sectors bypass recipient governments, while donors with more traditional public-sector-oriented institutions cooperate and engage recipient authorities on aid delivery. The book demonstrates how internal beliefs and practices about states and markets inform how donors see and set their objectives for foreign aid and international development itself. It informs debates about aid effectiveness and donor coordination and carries implications for the study of foreign policy, more broadly.


Simone Dietrich is Associate Professor of political science at the University of Geneva. Her work in international political economy and development has appeared in leading academic journals. She is a member of advisory networks to donor governments and the OECD. Prior to her academic career, she was development practitioner in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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