Associates, Honorary and Visiting Staff

INLOGOV works with a wide group of Associates, Honorary and Visiting Staff whose skills and experience complement those of INLOGOV's staff. Amongst them are:

Jon Bloomfield

An expert on EU funding, European and EU issues of regional and local government who carries out research in the EU and contributes to post-graduate programme.

John Cade

John Cade brings his experience of working as a senior local government officer to addressing issues around council’s governance arrangements with a particular focus on relationships and developing trust between Executives, Chairs and Scrutiny Members.

Andrew Coulson

Andrew Coulson is a nationally-recognised expert on scrutiny in local government and is particularly interested in governance by committee.

Chris Game

Chris is the joint-author of the best-selling introductory text on Local Government in the United Kingdom with wide interests in many aspects of politics.

Helen Hurford-Dawson

Helen has a strong practitioner background, she has spent over 20 years working at Director level in both Local and National Government. She has run a Social Services Department, worked on Policy Development supporting Government Ministers, and had responsibility for the Development and Training needs of the 1 million plus Local Government Workforce. She has also served as an elected Councillor and as Leader of a London Borough Council.

Paul Joyce

Paul Joyce is an Associate at INLOGOV, University of Birmingham: a Visiting Professor in Public Management at Leeds Beckett University, and Publications Director of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) which is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. He has a PhD from London School of Economics and Political Science.

Chris Lawrence-Pietroni

Chris Lawrence-Pietroni works on service redesign, leadership development and citizen/user engagement as enablers of service improvement and cost reduction. He is particularly interested in adapting and applying insights from the world of community organising and social movements to enable public service transformation

Dr Max Lempriere

Max is an INLOGOV Associate and has a PhD in political science from the University of Birmingham. He has taught for a number of years on many aspects of politics, public administration, research methods and academic skills. Prior to that he read political economy at the University of Birmingham and Stockholm University. His research interests include institutional theory, environmental politics, local government innovation and policy entrepreneurship.

Elke Loeffler

Elke has a strong international profile in research on public management and governance issues, including user and community co-production and outcome-based commissioning. She is the co-editor (with Tony Bovaird) of the Routledge textbook "Public Management and Governance", now in its fourth edition. She is a Director of Governance International and Senior Lecturer, and Director of Research and Strategic Partnerships at the Open University Business School.

Philip Lloyd-Williams

Philip Lloyd-Williams has over 20 years experience in local government law and governance.  His areas of expertise encompass strategic management, organisational change and the place of elected officials and local democracy in local government.  He is a practising Solicitor and has a PhD in local politics.

Professor John Mawson

John Mawson has extensive experience of working at the interface between research and practice, focusing in particular on the politics, management and development of cities and regions.  His current research activity includes exploring the interaction between Universities and their localities through processes of engagement, leadership, evidence informed policy and practice, and knowledge exchange. 

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