IRSPM Conference 2015

University of Birmingham
Monday 30 March (00:00) - Wednesday 1 April 2015 (00:00)

Shaping the future: transforming public management - 'Re-invention or 'revolution'?

Public management faces a 'perfect storm' of challenges ranging from growing expectations and demand, demographic change and financial constraint. Whilst some have sought to look for stability in weathering the storm, others have argued for more radical alternatives.   

For many, the 'traditional' tools and strategies of public management seem ill-equipped to deal with contemporary challenges and complexities and begun to advocate and shape a future of transformational change seizing on the 'moment' of dislocation in the wake of the financial crisis. Whilst others, have recognised and re-evaluated the resources and know-how held in bureaucracies and professions or the potential for an acceleration of new public management and marketization.

IRSPM 2015 explores the potentialities of public management to respond, reflect, re-invent and revolutionise in the wake of 'crisis'.

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