Degrees and courses

POLSIS is a large and friendly department and is widely regarded as one of the fastest growing, most dynamic and forward-looking departments in the country.

What type of degree are you interested in?

Undergraduate degrees (BA)

Our key aim is to help students to learn how to respond critically to the arguments of others, whether theoretical or pragmatic, and to develop and communicate their own ideas in a clear and persuasive manner. 

Masters degrees (MA / Postgraduate diploma)

The Department of Political Science and International Studies offers the broadest range of Masters degree programmes of any department in the UK. Our Masters students are uniquely able to develop the course of study that best helps them achieve their academic and professional goals.

Doctoral research degrees (PhD / MPhil)

The Department has a strong doctoral programme, which we see as being integral to our research efforts. We have targeted ESRC research training recognition, quota and non-quota awards with considerable success.

The University of Birmingham's Vision for Learning states that 'At Birmingham, we are committed to enabling all our students to profit from a culture of learning, aligned with our research ethos, which is based upon critical enquiry, debate and self-motivation.'

We uphold this vision in the Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS) and add to it the unique inflections and insights that can be gained only from pursuing further education in Politics and / or International Studies.