Department of Public Administration and Policy (DPAP)

Established in August 2023, the Department of Public Administration and Policy (DPAP) leads the study of (inter)national, regional and local public administration and public policy.

DPAP is home to the Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV) which has been undertaking ground-breaking research, teaching, and policy advice on local democracy, public services and co-production for over 60 years, and the Birmingham Leadership Institute (BLI), which was established in 2021 to research and develop the leadership required to make progress on the most pressing contemporary challenges. Study with us to learn from leading experts on public administration, public management and public policy, and join our lively and enthusiastic family of students and alumni from the UK and across the world.

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Blog Posts

Europe’s Largest Local Authority – It’s NUTS!
Chris Game It’s little consolation to the ‘powers that were’ in Birmingham Council House, but the past several months’ headlines about “Europe’s Largest Local Authority” going bankrupt have done wonders for my personal online social networking. From the BBC and Financial Times to the World Socialist International Trotskyists, that headline has made us Brummies suddenly … Continue reading Europe’s Largest Local Authority – It’s NUTS!

Does Parliament discuss Local Government issues?
Steve Watson So far in 2024 (as at 19th March), there have been 26 debates in Parliament to discuss Local Government issues. By way of comparison, there have been 12 debates on illegal immigration, and 16 on energy prices. So, it seems reasonable to conclude that Parliament does discuss Local Government issues, but what issues … Continue reading Does Parliament discuss Local Government issues?

The UK’s Flipping Gender Gap
Chris Game As I’ve aged, I’ve become ever keener to find mnemonic tricks that might help my increasingly faulty memory to recall potentially useful stuff – like, this week, key dates in the history of women’s suffrage. At some point somewhere during the extended celebrations of International Women’s Day (IWD) beyond March 8th, for example, … Continue reading The UK’s Flipping Gender Gap

Inflation and Local Authority Budgets
Andrew Coulson Our two main political parties are locked in a strange debate about the next budget, on 6 March. The elephant in the room is the underfunding of local government. In the nearly 14 years of Conservative government, the core spending power of local authorities has been cut by 27% in real terms.[1] The … Continue reading Inflation and Local Authority Budgets

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