Department of Public Administration and Policy (DPAP)

Established in August 2023, the Department of Public Administration and Policy (DPAP) leads the study of (inter)national, regional and local public administration and public policy.

DPAP is home to the Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV) which has been undertaking ground-breaking research, teaching, and policy advice on local democracy, public services and co-production for over 60 years, and the Birmingham Leadership Institute (BLI), which was established in 2021 to research and develop the leadership required to make progress on the most pressing contemporary challenges. Study with us to learn from leading experts on public administration, public management and public policy, and join our lively and enthusiastic family of students and alumni from the UK and across the world.

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Blog Posts

More Collaboration, Less Disruption? Shaping Tomorrow’s (Digital) Cities
Dr Timea Nochta Promising Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, most recently the likes of ChatGPT, have created an atmosphere of imminent disruptive change. News outlets bombard us with novel tools and applications that are poised to become the ‘new game in town’, revolutionising various sectors, jobs and ultimately the entire global economy. However, such sensationalist predictions … Continue reading More Collaboration, Less Disruption? Shaping Tomorrow’s (Digital) Cities

Is this fair? – a PhD on fairness in local government
Clive Stevens A year’s gone and I’ve been given the OK to start year two of my PhD, but what have I achieved? Three passes in the taught modules on social science research and piles, nay heaps of reading. And have I learned anything? That fairness is a complex subject. It is one of a … Continue reading Is this fair? – a PhD on fairness in local government

Birmingham’s contribution to local government numerology
Chris Game Right – we, meaning I, must start with a dilemma declaration. How to deal with a major national news item – “Birmingham City Council declares itself bankrupt” – the consequences of which, as a long-term Birmingham resident and ratepayer, will affect you personally and about which in the distant past you might well … Continue reading Birmingham’s contribution to local government numerology

The Jaws of Doom – still relevant a decade on
Chris Game “Things from the past you’ll never see again”.  I came across a listing of these recently, and they were – well, moderately interesting. More so, anyway, than the accompanying “trends that have unfortunately returned” – pleated skirts, corsets, and structured vests, whatever they were. The never-see-agains included smoking adverts, bubblegum cigarettes, and rotary … Continue reading The Jaws of Doom – still relevant a decade on

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