Dr Timea Nochta speaks with INLOGOV alumna, Kate Herbert about her research


Political WorldView - Oxfam aid and exploitation

Roundtable: The UK terror attacks

An Ancient History student's recommendations

BA Ancient History student, Elizabeth, gives her recommendations of things to see and do if you already are (or planning to be!) a Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology student at the University of Birmingham.

Episode 1: Coronavirus and your wellbeing

CoSS Deputy Wellbeing Manager Vickie Glynn is joined by Wellbeing Officers to talk about the impact of the COVID19 pandemic, what this means for students and offer tips to help adjust to studying or working from home.

Why We Lie About Aid

Speaker: Dr Pablo Yanguas (Honorary Research Fellow at University of Manchester and international development consultant)

Researching gender in development, conflict and security

On 23 April 2018, the International Development Department of the University of Birmingham organised a workshop that brought together an interdisciplinary group of researchers from different universities across the UK with researchers and practitioners from NGOs.

Podcast: Is Democracy in Decline?

In this seminar, leading scholars from POLIS, IDD and INLOGOV asked whether democracy can withstand the challenges it faces from disengagement, illiberal populism, and the growing influence of autocratic states.

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