Political WorldView

Political Worldview is a topical news and politics discussion podcast podcast produced at the POLSIS dept, hosted by Adam Quinn with regular co-hosts Scott Lucas and Christalla Yakinthou. New editions are usually released every two weeks. It's available on SoundCloud and on iTunes. Please subscribe to us for free there and/or leave a comment to help others discover the show.

Each edition covers two major topics for about fifteen minutes each, plus a handful of bite-size topics in the number of the week item in between. We cover political topics from all over the world, though since we're based in the UK and two of us take a particular interest in the US those two perhaps get a little more representation that other places. So far we've discussed topics ranging from Jeremy Corbyn's election as Labour leader to garbage-collection protests destabilising the government of Lebanon. We get around.

Who are the contributors?


  • Dr Adam Quinn, Senior Lecturer in International Politics, who mainly writes about US foreign policy and politics.
  • Dr Christalla Yakinthou, a Birmingham research fellow specialising in how societies deal with the aftermath of violent conflict.
  • Professor Scott Lucas, a professor of international politics and editor of news and commentary site EA Worldview, who is mainly interested in the politics of the Middle East, as well as the US.

Who is the guy in the headphones? (aka Conor)

Producer Conor is a doctoral researcher on the PhD programme. When he isn’t helping us get our technical side in order, he’s working on a thesis about cyberwarfare. Conor has experience with student media from his pre-Birmingham days, and is invaluable in helping us record and edit a product that’s fit for public consumption.

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