Camila Paz Ramos-Fuenzalida

Performance of collaborative emergency management networks in Latin America

Supervisors:Dr. Louise Reardon and Dr. Timea Nochta

Camila Ramos

Collaborative network emergency management responses have garnered significant attention from scholars and international organizations as a promising approach to address crises effectively. Despite this, there remains an unanswered question about whether such networks are more effective than traditional Weberian hierarchies in the context of Latin America. To bridge this knowledge gap, this research project aims to empirically examine the factors influencing the performance of emergency networks and the variations among different networks in Latin America. By doing so, this project will contribute valuable insights to the academic debate on the performance of emergency management networks and offer practical guidance for policymakers and public administrators.


  • MSc in Public Management and Policies, Universidad de Chile, 2020
  • BSc in Public Administration, Universidad de Santiago, 2012


Camila Ramos-Fuenzalida is a doctoral student at the Institute of Local Government Studies at the University of Birmingham, she holds a Master's degree in Management and Public Policy from the University of Chile and a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration from the University of Santiago de Chile. With a rich background in research, she has actively contributed to six projects dedicated to the analysis of local government dynamics within the Chilean context.
Beyond her research pursuits, she has also served as a professor of public administration at the University of Santiago de Chile. Her primary academic interests revolve around the examination of local government dynamics, inter-municipal collaboration, governance network, emergency management network.

Teaching responsibilities

  • 2020 Teaching assistant for the course “Thesis Seminar”, Master of Public Policy at Universidad de Chile.
  • 2017 - 2020 Lecture for the courses “Introduction to Public Administration” and “Administrative Theory”, BA Public Administration, Universidad de Santiago de Chile. 

Research interests

  • Governance network
  • Network performance
  • Local government studies
  • Inter-municipal cooperation
  • Emergency management 

Conference Papers

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