José Pascal da Rocha

The role of mediators in mediated ceasefires in the Sudan negotiations

Supervisors: Professor Stefan Wolff and Dr Asaf Siniver

The aim of the research is to inquire on how the styles of mediators affect the political will of conflict parties during mediated ceasefires. It will explore the situations of intra-state territorial conflicts through the lenses of two case studies that stand out the multitude of the Sudan negotiations: The Nuba Mountains Agreement 2002-2003 and the Darfur Peace Agreement of 2006, including a reference to the Doha Peace Talks 2009-2001. Through these two cases and the application of a process tracing methodology, the study will explore the various conditions that affect how mediators make use of their styles, interdependent with mandate, phases of the mediation process, mutually hurting stalemates and mediation strategy. It will investigate to what extent the desired and intended outcomes matched the initial mediation strategy and whether the synchronicity of strategy and adaptation to situational variables allowed for a successfully mediated ceasefire.


Pascal is a mediation practitioner, with 20 years of experience in conflict management, peace processes, diplomacy and post-war environments. He has worked with international organizations in crisis management and peace operations (e.g. UNOSOM I, II, UNPROFOR, IFOR, KFOR, SFOR, UNTAET, UNAMA, ISAF, UNAMIR, Operation Artemis), and and he serves as a Peace and Development Adviser (PDA) to the UN and as a mediation expert with the UN Department of Political Affairs. He is also a rostered mediation expert with the OSCE. He serves as a senior conflict prevention adviser to the African Union and as a senior mediation adviser to ECOWAS. Pascal has published books and scholarly work on mediation, electoral disputes, and crisis management. He has degrees in law, cultural studies and mediation.

Research interests

  • Mediation
  • Political Science
  • Peace processes


  • First and Second State Examination, Law, Germany
  • SJD Law, US
  • Master of Media and Intercultural Communication, Bulgaria

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