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World University Rankings 2020 Law Top 100For almost a century Birmingham Law School has led the way in legal education and research. Today, we continue to provide our students with innovative, challenging, and research-driven education. We are a truly global, civic and diverse community reflected through our staff and students who have important impacts around the world through research, teaching and enterprise. 



Posted 25 February 2021

Behind the Scenes at BLS: Priscilla Nketiah

Third year LLB student, Priscilla Nketiah talks with Behind the Scenes on how she entered BLS not knowing much about the law and how her the experiences during her degree prepared her for the next step of her journey.

Posted 24 February 2021

Gender Sensitive Parliaments

Dr Meghan Campbell, Senior Lecturer at Birmingham Law School examines efforts to create a more gender sensitive Parliament and how these efforts fall short.

Posted 18 February 2021

Behind the Scenes at BLS: Daminee Budhi

Alumna Daminee Budhi reflects on how her mother's activism for women's equality inspired her to pursue a legal career and current work in civil society to support the rights of trans, non-binary and gender diverse people

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