Abrar Abdulrhman Abulnassr

Department of Modern Languages

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Phd title: Tracking problem solving strategies and time as indicators of translation competence acquisition across different proficiency levels
SupervisorsProfessor Emma Tyler and Dr Anna-Marjatta Milsom
PhD in Translation Studies


  • Master Degree in Applied Linguistics, Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University 2012
  • Bachelor degree in English Language, Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University, 2009


After I was awarded my BA on 2009 until 20012, I worked as an English tutor in different training centers.

Since 2013, I worked as a lecturer in College of Language and translation, Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University, Riyadh. I taught different courses starting form skills (reading, writing and grammar) to Linguistics courses like introduction to linguistics and syntax. Along with teaching, I worked on the Writing Center of our college and did some administrative work in various departments.  

I participated with colleagues in MENA Writing Centers 2019 Conference: Resilience through Reconstruction. I also worked as a volunteer translator in translating TED site to Arabic as part of an initiative to enrich Arabic digital content in 2012 and I volunteered as a digital designer in 2004.


The idea of my research came out from my experience as an English lecturer at Imam University. Through my research, I aim to track the development of translation competence through one of its main sub-competences (strategic competence) among undergraduate students who study Language and translation. These development changes are viewed as indicators that reflect the process underlying the acquisition of translation competence. I am following The PACTE group model and theory on translation competence acquisition.