Mohammed Mobarak Mohammed Aldosari

Mohammed Mobarak Mohammed Aldosari

Department of Modern Languages
Doctoral researcher

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PhD Title: Understanding Linguistics features as emotional and sense of self stimulators in Tourism Promotion : A Corpus-Based Investigation of Translated Tourism Texts
Supervisors: Dr Sofia Malamatidou and Professor Emma Tyler
PhD Modern Languages


  • Bachelor Degree In English language and its literature (Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University)
  • Masters of Arts in Translation Studies (University of Birmingham)


I'm curious to find out what tourism reveals about language ability. I'm particularly interested in the role of the emotive or expressive communicative function in tourism language. Despite the fact that emotions play an important role in advertising in general and tourism promotion in particular, few studies have focused on the role of the emotive function in tourism discourse, with the majority of them focusing on promotional, persuasive, and informational functions. I intend to show how important the emotive function is in tourism language, how it is activated, and how the language elements that enable it are translated into Arabic. This feature can be studied by identifying the linguistic features that perform this function and then conduct a corpus based study on them in tourism texts.