Abdulhady Alroiei

Abdulhady Alroiei

Department of Modern Languages
Doctoral researcher

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PhD Title: Translating Salhi's 'Occidentalism' from English into Arabic Followed by Translation Commentary
Supervisors: Dr Anissa Daoudi and Dr Paola Cori
Translation Studies Practice-Based PhD


  • Master of Art in Translation Studies
  • Bachelor in English Language and Literature


I am a dedicated lecturer who offers eight years of comprehensive teaching experience and assists students with academic needs. I taught many English language and translation courses that depend on translation practice. I am Successful in using multiple types of technology to facilitate and enhance learning. I am a committed team member comfortable working with other faculty to establish course guidelines and set departmental goals.


The core of the present work is the translation of Occidentalism Literary Representations of the Maghrebi Experience of the East-West Encounter, from English into Arabic, a source for the literary corpus of the Maghrebi writers often excluded by the Arabian literary canon. In addition, A critical translation commentary discusses issues on translation. This project is based on translation practice, and it fills the gap between translation practice and translation theories.