Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences | Undergraduate Open Day information

In advance of the Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences live webinars please watch the welcome talk recorded by Professor Diana Spencer, Dean of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences.

Whilst this film refers to live chats, the opportunity to ask questions to staff and student ambassadors at this event will be offered as part of the live webinars events below

Session times

Our College Leads, Admissions Tutor and current students will be running the following live webinars:

  • Saturday 28th November 11am-12.15pm
  • Saturday 5th December 11am-12.15pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will cover the following FAQs in the webinars:  

  • What are the Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences (LANS)?
  • Why study a LANS degree rather than a single discipline?
  • What is a major and how do I major in a subject?
  • When do I have to decide on my major?
  • What modules can I choose from outside the college?
  • Will I be taking modules along with non-LANS students?
  • What are the challenges of studying different subjects?
  • Will I be disadvantaged by not studying a single discipline?
  • What kind of support would be available to me as a LANS student?
  • How do you write a personal statement when applying to LANS?
    [For this, it might be worth taking a look at the LANS course finder page, which covers the admissions essay and process.]
  • What does the year abroad involve?
  • What kind of career can I go into with a LANS degree?

There will be time in the webinar for you to ask any questions you might have. 

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