The Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences Society


The Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences Society (LANS Soc) is a vibrant and varied community comprised of students from all years studying the Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences course at the University of Birmingham. Through a mixture of social events, a parenting system and sports teams we facilitate the mixing of students across years and majors to enable them to get the best out of their time in Birmingham.

LANS Soc provides a fantastic opportunity to develop regular friendships with people of many interests, providing that crucial LANS identity in an otherwise individualised university life. As a society we aim to celebrate the huge span of talents and interests of all our members and integrate students in a way that allows us to learn from each other as well as forming form friendships and enjoying our social time at university. 


Our parenting system

One of the key programmes run by the society is our parenting system which sees students in the years above becoming an immediate port of call for advice and support for our first years whether that’s help with module choices, finding second year accommodation or adjusting to university life.

In the Summer of first year, students ‘propose’ to one another often in funny and surprising ways in order to become parents when they are in their second year. Parents are introduced to their first-year children before they even begin their studies at the University of Birmingham.

All of our families are tailor-made according to forms which are filled out by both parents and children. All events run by the society are available to all students, however we do host particular events to accommodate certain requests from our members, such as events for LGBT+ students, disabled students, and students with a particular hobby or interest. Our socials always accommodate for those who choose not to drink alcohol.

Not only is it extremely useful for first years to have contact with people who have gone through very similar experiences, but parents and children often become great friends allowing different year groups to easily mix as fourth year ‘grandparents’ step in to offer insights into the year abroad experience.

We have an integration rep on committee whose job it is to ensure that all of the year groups, international student and exchange students mix effectively. First years propose as part of our parenting system!

Our social events

Our formal is an annual success where students and academics are invited to a black-tie dinner and dance as an opportunity to celebrate both what the society and the department, which work in tandem together, have achieved in the past year.

We also organise a variety of other social events, such as a Canal Boat Party on Birmingham’s famous canals, pub quizzes done in family teams, movie nights, and a Christmas social. These events not only allow students to spend time together, but they also allow them to fully immerse themselves in city life in the UK’s second city and their home for three years.

Our netball team (comprised of both girls and boys from across all years) meets on a regular basis for relaxed and informal training sessions, as well as participation in an intra-mural sports league across the University. Anyone is welcome to join the team whether they have been playing netball for years or have never played in their life. This is an excellent way to get to know people on the course while taking part in some sport.

LANS student formal event

LANS Soc is always evolving and growing as we aim to cater for our members and their interests. We’ve recently added a new and varied mix of socials and a competition to design a new logo for the society. Our regular feedback sessions make sure that you are getting what you want from your society, we’re here to help you make the most of the LANS experience and life in Birmingham.

For so many it has been a formative part of their university experience. We can’t wait for you to join!

Our members

“The people that I have met through LANS Soc have become a second family to me! I have loved all of the events run by the society, they have given me the opportunity to form friendships which will last far beyond university.” – Charlotte Balchin

“The socials organised by LANS soc were super fun and was a great opportunity to meet up with friends on the course, especially as we didn’t have many lectures together. Having the Parenting system also helped us get to know a lot of the 2nd years, which meant we got a lot of first year wisdom and loads of support and guidance!” – Farahat Ahmed

“The LANS netball team allows people from various years of LANS to meet and socialise. It allowed me to form friendships with people whilst also doing something active and exciting. Forming friendships across the various years of LANS proved to be incredibly useful when I had a question I couldn’t answer as one of them could usually help! As the Co-Captain for this year’s Netball team, I hope we can gather enough interest to get even more people involved.” - Claire Fletcher 


Our committee

The LANS Soc committee for 2020/21:

  • President: Ed Capps
  • Treasurer: Andrew Chapman
  • Secretary: Germaine Conroy 
  • Social Secretary: Eve Tanner
  • Integration Representative: Smilla Kristensen
  • Sports Representative: Daniela Mai