Aperiodic Order, Dynamics, Geometry and Numbers, June 2023

LG12, Old Gym (Y1 on Campus Map)
Monday 26 June (10:00) - Wednesday 28 June 2023 (17:00)

Organisers: Charlene Kalle, Sabrina Kombrink, Bram Mesland and Tony Samuel.

The goal of this workshop is to enhance connections, collaborations and exchange ideas within the fields of Analysis, Dynamics, Geometry and Number Theory.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Jonathan Bennett (University of Birmingham)
  • Michael Dymond (University of Birmingham)
  • Onno van Gaans (Universiteit Leiden)
  • Dimitris Gerontogiannis (Universiteit Leiden)
  • Sander Hille (Universiteit Leiden)
  • Charlene Kalle (Universiteit Leiden)
  • Olga Maleva (University of Birmingham)
  • Bram Mesland (Universiteit Leiden)
  • Tony Samuel (University of Birmingham)

Special Session Speakers

  • Adarsh Bura (University of Birmingham)
  • Richard Sharp (University of Warwick)

This event is sponsored by the UoB-Leiden Collaboration Fund of the University of Birmingham.

The conference website is available here.