LMS/EMS Joint Anniversary Mathematical Weekend, September 2015

School of Mathematics Watson Building (Edgbaston Campus Map Red Zone R15)
Friday 18 September (11:30) - Sunday 20 September 2015 (13:00)

For enquiries, please contact Professor Chris Parker.

To celebrate the 150th year of the London Mathematical Society and the 25th year of the European Mathematical Society the two Societies will host a joint LMS/EMS weekend at the University of Birmingham from Friday 18 to Sunday 20 September 2015.

There will be plenary talks by Noga Alon, Keith Ball, Béla Bollobás, Timothy Gowers, Stefanie Petermichl, and Aner Shalev with over 20 other invited and contributed talks presented in parallel sessions. Additional sessions are planned for post-doctoral researchers to present their work, and there will be a poster session for doctoral students.

The weekend will feature three themes: Algebra, Analysis and Combinatorics. All mathematicians, from Europe and elsewhere, are warmly invited to participate.

Spotlight on plenary sessions

  • Noga Alon (Tel Aviv, Princeton) - Graphs, vectors and integers
  • Keith Ball (Warwick) - The probabilistic character of high-dimensional objects
  • Béla Bollobás (Cambridge, Memphis) - Percolation and random cellular automata
  • Timothy Gowers (Cambridge) - Interleaved products in highly non-Abelian groups
  • Stefanie Petermichl (Toulouse) - Optimal control of second order Riesz transforms on multiply-connected Lie groups through processes with jumps
  • Aner Shalev (Jerusalem) - Groups in interaction

There are over 20 other talks running during the event, abstracts and titles can be found on the conference website.