Professor Jamshid Moori BSc MSc PhD

Professor Jamshid Moori

School of Mathematics
Honorary Senior Research Fellow

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Jamshid Moori is a senior research professor in Mathematics at Mafikeng Campus (North-West University, South Africa). He is an international expert in Finite Simple Groups, Computational Group Theory, Representation Theory of Finite Groups and Applications of Finite Groups to Combinatorial Designs and Geometries. He has a B rating by the NRF, he is a life fellow of the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa). His research activities were fully supported by various grants from NRF.

He has produced more than 150 original papers and conference articles during the period 1975-2021. During this period he also supervised various honours projects and produced 25 post graduate students (6 PGDiploma, 9 MSc and 10 PhD). Currently supervising 1 MSc and 1 PhD student. He also supervised 9 post-doctoral students.

Most of his refereed papers are published in the prestigious international journals such as Journal of London Mathematical Society, Journal of Algebra, and Communications in Algebra, Journal of Group Theory, Representation Theory, Discrete Mathematics, and the European Journal of Combinatorics.


  • PhD in Mathematics, University of Birmingham,1975
  • MSc in Mathematics, University of Birmingham, 1973
  • BSc in Mathematics, University of Meshed, Iran. Summa Cum Laude, 1971
  • Diploma in Mathematics, Nowrooz High School, M. I. S, Iran, 1964


Jamshid Moori is an Iranian-South African mathematician who works on Finite Groups and their interplays with Combinatorial Structures such as Designs, Codes and Graphs. He did his undergraduate studies in Pure Mathematics at the University of Meshed (Iran). He carried out his MSc and PhD studies at the University of Birmingham (UoB) under the supervision of Professor Donald Livingstone. He worked at the University of Jundi-Shahpur (Ahwaz-Iran) during 1975 – 1979, he was a research fellow at the UoB during 1979 – 1983. He has been working in South Africa since April 1983 at the universities of Bophuthatswana, Natal, KwaZulu-Natal and North-West.

He has been a Senior Research Professor of Mathematics, School of Mathematical Sciences, NWU (Mafikeng), since 2011. Fellow of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, since 2010. Honorary Senior Research Fellow, School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham, since 2006.

He was appointed by the National Research Foundation (NRF, South Africa) to serve as a panel member and the Convener of the Specialist Committee for Mathematical Sciences. He has been assisting the NRF in evaluation and rating of South African mathematicians in accordance with specified evaluation and rating criteria. He has been able to make valuable contribution in Mathematics. He is an internationally recognised mathematician with infectious passionate about Mathematics. He continuously insists on the production of quality research.

He was awarded the Research Distinction in 2015 by the South African Mathematical Society, at the 58th Annual Congress, Wits, Johannesburg.

Jamshid Moori is a Member of the London Mathematical Society (since 1978), the American Mathematical Society (since 1983) and the South African Mathematical Society (SAMS, since 1983).  He was the Vice-President of the SAMS during 2010 – 2014.


Research Themes

  • Finite Groups, Simple Groups and Sporadic Simple Groups.
  • Representation Theory of Finite Groups, Character Tables of Group Extensions, Clifford-Fischer Matrices, and Presentations of Group Extensions.
  • Application of Finite Groups to Combinatorial Designs, Finite Geometries and Codes.
  • Spread and Generations of Finite Groups.

Other activities

  • Associate Editor: Bulletin of Iranian Mathematical Society.
  • Editor: International Journal of Group Theory.
  • Editor: Transactions on Combinatorics.
  • Associate Editor: Afrika Matematika.
  • Editor: Khayyam Journal of Mathematics.


For full publications see MathSciNet and  Moori, Jamshid - Google Scholar

Some recent publications

  1. On the elementary and basic characters of Gn(q), Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 41 (2019), 223–241. (With C Chileshe and T Seretlo).
  2. On the ranks of the alternating group An, Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Society, 42 (2019), 1957–1973. (With A Basheer).
  3. Some symmetric 1-designs invariant under the Ree groups, Communications in Algebra, 47 (2019), 2131–2148. (With B Rodrigues, A Saeidi and S Zandi).
  4. A survey on some methods of generating finite simple groups, Proceedings of Groups St. Andrews 2017, London Mathematical Society Lecture Notes Series, 455 (2019), 106–116. (With A Basheer).
  5. Designs from maximal subgroups and conjugacy classes of the Ree groups, Advances in Mathematics of Communications, 14 (2020), 603–611. (With B Rodrigues, A Saeidi and S Zandi).
  6. Designs and codes from fixed points of finite groups, Communications in Algebra, 49 (2021), 706–720.
  7.  On a maximal subgroup of the affine general linear group of GL(6, 2), Advances in Group Theory and Applications, to appear. (With A Basheer).
  8. On a group of the form 24+5:GL(4, 2), Iranian Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Informatics, to appear. (With A Basheer, A L Prins and T T Seretlo).
  9.  Basic 3-Transpositions of Symplectic Group Sp(2n, 2), Advances in Group Theory and Applications, to appear.
  10. Designs and codes from involutions of An, Quaestiones Mathematicae, to appear.
Designs and codes from fixed points of elements of Janko simple group J1, Communications in Algebra, to appear