Mr Jamie Mason MSci

Mr Jamie Mason

School of Mathematics
PhD Student

Contact details

School of Mathematics
Watson Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Jamie Mason is a PhD student in the algebra group, under the supervision of Dr David Craven.


  • MSci in Mathematics, University of Glasgow, 2020

Doctoral research


Research Themes

  • Modular representation theory
  • Partial groups
  • Generation of finite groups of Lie type

Research Activity

As part of his PhD research Jamie is working on projects in the areas of modular representation theory, partial groups and generation of finite groups of Lie type. The first of these projects involves restating the Alperin-McKay conjecture, from modular representation theory, as a property on stabilisers of chains of p-subgroups. The second of these projects is investigating the automorphism groups of certain families of partial groups, which are closely related to fusion systems. He has shown that given a finite group one can construct a finite partial group with that group as its automorphism group; along with other results relating to automorphism groups of objective partial groups. The final of these projects aims to prove certain families of exceptional groups of Lie type are generated by an involution and an element of order p using information about their maximal subgroups.


Recent publications


Mason, J 2023, 'Local functions on blocks', Communications in Algebra, vol. 51, no. 6, pp. 2232-2242.