Metallurgy and Materials

Welcome to Metallurgy and Materials. This discipline provides an understanding of how materials behave and how they can be used and improved; essential to the development of new products.

We offer undergraduate courses in Materials Science and Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Science. 

We also offer a range of postgraduate study opportunities and carry out leading-edge research.


ENDURUNS project gets underway

ENDURUNS project kicks off. This is a Horizon 2020 and Korean Government funded project looking to develop and demonstrate a long-endurance sea surveying autonomous unmanned vehicle with gliding capability powered by hydrogen fuel cell.

Critical Elements and Materials (CrEAM) network launch

Launch meeting for the CrEAM - Critical Elements and Materials - Network

Less is more: the remarkable properties of the smallest possible one-dimensional materials

Scientists are developing the smallest possible one-dimensional (1D) materials called 'extreme nanowires'.
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