Learning, teaching and facilities

College of Medical and Dental Sciences buildingThroughout your nursing degree your teaching and learning will take place in the Medical School. You will be taught by leading academics and clinicians, many of which have published important research about their area of nursing expertise. 

Learning and teaching

Teaching on our nursing courses is delivered according to the module speciality and teaching will adopt a variety of styles. You will be taught through lectures, seminars, small group tutorials, clinical practice and bedside demonstrations. You will also have time to self-study and experience peer group learning.

Multi-professional learning alongside other healthcare students (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and physiotherapy) is a huge benefit of being taught in the Medical School.

Your performance will be assessed through a series of exams, Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs), coursework and placements and at the beginning of each module you’ll be given information on how and when you’ll be assessed for that particular area of study. You’ll receive feedback on each assessment within three weeks, so that you can learn from and build on what you have done. You’ll be given feedback on any exams that you take; if you should fail an exam we will ensure that particularly detailed feedback is made available to enable you to learn for the future.

Top row: child dummy, lecture theatre, one female nurse giving the other a cannula. Second row lecture theatre, and two images of the clinical skills suite, one respiratory dummy, one cannula dummy and the Doug Ellis Learning Centre


You will benefit from a vast array of facilities in the Medical School, such as:

  • Dedicated clinical simulation suites
  • Lecture theatres
Lecture theatre with green and grey seats and two rows of grey tables
Arthur Thomson Lecture Theatre
  • Dedicated small group teaching rooms
  • Doug Ellis Learning Hub (large open study space with free loan of laptops available)
Study space with students studying
Doug Ellis Learning Hub
  • Barnes Medical Library
  • The MedCafe (food and drink outlet)
Cafeteria with chairs, tables and a food counter at the back
  • Wolfson Common Room

You will also have access to online facilities to support your learning. These include Wiki podcasts and Canvas, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE); an excellent tool for supporting our academic courses, allowing you to share thoughts on assignments with other students via the discussion group facilities, giving access to learning materials 24 hours a day and allowing you to submit your work electronically. During your final years, you will also have access to SCRIPT, an innovative eLearning programme on prescribing and therapeutics. This will support your learning around these topics and enable you to understand decisions from a prescribers’ point of view.