Physics Education Conference

This annual event, from the School of Physics at the University of Birmingham and the Institute of Physics, provides an opportunity for those involved in all aspects of physics education to come together, share best practice and be part of our physics learning community. 

We welcome school teachers, academics in HE with an interest in physics pedagogy, physics pedagogy coaches, physics education researchers (including those studying for masters and doctoral degrees) and those involved with initial teacher education in physics. The conference has 3 strands:

  1. The Cutting Edge of Physics- Exploring ways of connecting new research in physics to learning

2. Skills, Careers and Levelling Up in Physics- Exploring the opportunities and careers related to physics to improve pathways for those studying the subject.

3. Physics Education Research (PER)- Showcasing the latest academic research in the field and relating it to secondary classrooms and the HE teaching space.

2022 Wednesday June 29th - Physics for Everyone – Physics Updates, Inclusion and Education Research

 With the conference theme of inclusion, the keynote entitled ‘Supporting Equity and inclusion in physics’ set the tone of the day and was given by Professor Louise Archer from UCL. Other speakers and seminar leaders included:

Dr Leah-Nani Alconcel – University of Birmingham

Professor Tzany Kokalova Wheldon – University of Birmingham

Professor Cristina Lazzeroni – University of Birmingham

Dr Mark Whalley – Institute of Physics

Charles Tracy – Institute of Physics

Dr Judith Hillier – University of Oxford

Dr Wonyong Park – University of Southampton

Dr Jessica Hamer – Kings College London

Dr Chris North – Cardiff University

James DeWinter – University of Cambridge

Martin Sullivan – Principal, Solihull Sixth Form College

Dr Steve Essex – Assistant Headteacher, Ernesford Grange Community Academy

Chrissie Sargent – Associate Assistant Headteacher, Noel Baker Academy

Ruth Brown – Lead Practitioner in Science, Noel Baker Academy

Jackie Flaherty – The Ogden Trust

Natasha Watkinson – The Gatsby Foundation

Carole Kenrick – Institute of Physics

Sarah Cosgriff – Association for Science Education

Katherine Platt – Institute of Physics

Rachel Hartley – Institute of Physics


2023 – Look out for updates on the date and theme. Register your interest by contacting Dan Cottle