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Find out what it's like to be an undergraduate student in the School of Psychology, and see how our courses have benefited past students in their chosen careers.

faye-simpson-2Faye, BSc Psychology

"Psychology opens lots of doors and I feel it has helped me secure posts in HR, being such a people-centred department."

ChanchalChanchal, BSc Psychology

"The lecturers at Birmingham have a lot of experience behind them and it's really nice to know that we're learning from people who are experts at the field that they are teaching."
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Jamie MoffattJamie, MSci Psychology and Psychological Research

"I think the unique aspect of the course is how big the department is. This means there is always an opportunity to learn more about the area of psychology that interests you."

Christopher HuntChristopher, MSci Psychology and Psychological Practice
"My time at Birmingham has prepared me with a realistic view of professions in mental health and has helped me to build the confidence I need to succeed in the future."

Noureen, BSc Psychology

"My lecturers are so passionate about the field of Psychology they are teaching, that they have inspired me to engage in the subject and want to learn more."

Katie, BSc Psychology 

“The modules are so varied – we cover every area of psychology.”

Ku Nurul Izzah Ku Seman, BSc Psychology 

"What attracted me most was that when I looked at the modules, there were many different areas of psychology offered. This helps me to choose an area in which to specialise in the future."

Nicholas, BSc Psychology

“Studying something you love is the best way to ensure your time here is one you will completely enjoy.”

Christy Wong Hei YanChristy, BSc Psychology

"Studying abroad can broaden my horizons."

Gagandeep ChohanGagandeep, BSc Psychology 

"The course provided me with a wide range of research and analytical skills that I was able to apply to a range of professional jobs since leaving university."

Jennifer GreavesJennifer, BSc Psychology 

"Now that I teach fitness, motivation is highly important and I can apply some of my studies in this area as well."

AnnabelleAnnabelle, BSc Psychology 

"The psychology course at Birmingham stood out to me because of the variety of things that it offers...it doesn't just focus on one area."  
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