Christy Wong Hei Yan, BSc Psychology

My time at Birmingham

Christy Wong Hei Yan

"Studying abroad can broaden my horizons."

I’m an international student from Hong Kong. I think studying abroad can broaden my horizons and allow me to make new friends from different countries. I chose Birmingham as it is in the Russell Group and it has a good reputation. Also, the location is very convenient as the University is not far from the town and there is Birmingham Airport nearby. 

I enjoyed my first year a lot. I got to know friends from different countries in my course and also in sports teams. Although it is hard to adapt to the environment at the beginning, I felt happy that I got support from so many people. 

We have different kinds of modules which cover different aspects of psychology. Also, I like the different style of teaching. As well as having lectures, we are involved in projects, seminars and workshops which I enjoy a lot. 

When we are having exams, my friends and I like to stay in the library together. During lunch and breaks, we love to chill on the grass in the campus as there is no such nice place in Hong Kong. 

I think Birmingham is so convenient and the town is not far from the University. My friends and I love to shop in the Bullring during weekends. China town is also nearby so we can get Asian food at the same time.  

My tips for prospective Birmingham students

  1. Get involved in teams/clubs that you are interested in, especially in first year
  2. Go to all orientations and get to know more people
  3. Seek a balance between socials, extracurricular activities and academic studies