Andre Rusavuk

Andre Rusavuk

Department of Philosophy
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Divine Luck: A New Puzzle for Theists
Supervisors: Professor Yujin Nagasawa, Professor Alastair Wilson
PhD Philosophy


My research is situated at the intersection of the philosophy of luck and the philosophy of religion, as well the metaphysics of free will and moral philosophy. The focus of my thesis is answering this question: is God, who is traditionally conceived of as the greatest possible being, subject to luck? On the one hand, there are good reasons to think God is not subject to luck as finite, frail, and contingent beings are, but on the other hand, there are good reasons to think luck is inescapable even for God; this generates what I call the puzzle of divine luck. In my thesis, I investigate whether God is subject to moral and non-moral constitutive, circumstantial, and resultant luck, as well as present luck.

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