Amy-Melissa Saul

Amy-Melissa Saul graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Sociology in 2013. Amy-Melissa now works in financial publishing as a Writer and Editorial Assistant.

What was the best thing about studying at Birmingham?

"The best thing was the enthusiasm of the teachers, and the variety of modules available. In our first year, the compulsory topics really helped me to determine which areas of Philosophy interested me most. I was surprised to discover that I really enjoyed the Logic module! The teachers were very helpful and offered a lot of support throughout the course."

 How did studying at the University help prepare you for your career?

"My job involves a lot of online research and writing, and my degree meant that I was confident with both of these tasks from the beginning. My course was largely essay-based and required a lot of independent research. I carried out an empirical study for my dissertation, so I had first-hand experience of conducting surveys and carrying out data analysis. It gave me something unique to discuss during the interviews for my current role!"

What advice would you give current students?

"I really enjoyed working as a Proof-Reader for Redbrick, the student paper. As the newspaper is student-run, I gained an understanding of publishing deadlines and how newspapers operate. I missed working on the student paper after graduation, which encouraged me to find work experience and determine my career path! There are so many societies to choose from at Birmingham that I don't think I can name a single student that didn't find at least one society to join!"