The Edward Cadbury Lectures

The Edward Cadbury Lectures are supported by an endowment from the Cadbury Family to the University of Birmingham for an annual series of lectures open to the public on the history, theology and culture of Christianity.

Candida Moss
The first Cadbury Lectures were delivered in 1948 by the historian Arnold Toynbee, followed by a succession of eminent scholars from around the world. 

Cadbury Lectures 2021: Values are the New Religion

From organisational ‘value statements’ to ‘Fundamental British Values’, values are everywhere these days. Younger generations articulate their values with conviction and fluency. ‘If you’re not clear in your values, you’ll get lost in someone else’s’ says a popular Instagram post. 

Why this new visibility of values and what does it tells us about ourselves, our institutions, our societies?  Addressing these questions, these Cadbury lectures take us to the heart of contemporary struggles to define – or evade – what really matters.

Professor Linda Woodhead MBE, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at the University of Lancaster gave this year's Cadbury Lectures across the week of 17-21 May.

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