WatchFromHome - Cadbury Lectures

The Edward Cadbury Lectures are supported by an endowment from the Cadbury Family to the University of Birmingham for an annual series of lectures open to the public on the history, theology and culture of Christianity.

The first Cadbury Lectures were delivered in 1948 by the historian Arnold Toynbee, followed by a succession of eminent scholars from around the world. 

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2019: Professor Miroslav Volf (Yale)

Lecture 1: Modern Homelessness
God’s Love, God’s Home: A Brief Story of Everything
On Being at Home in the World

2018: Professor Jose Casanova (Georgetown)

The modern religious-secular binary system of classification
The internal European road of secularization: confessionalization and deconfessionalization
The external road of colonial encounters and the formation of a world system of religious pluralism
The intertwinement of religious and secular dynamics in our global age: global denominationalism and the globalization of the secular immanent frame

2017: Professor Candida Moss

Talking corpse or resurrected body: What can we know about the resurrection of Jesus in John?
The righteous amputees in Mark 9
Like the angels? gender and procreation in Mark 12
Heavenly bodies: with what kind of bodies will we come?

2016: Professor Grace Davie (Exeter)

Thinking locally: continuity and change
Rethinking the metropolis: The unexpected can and does happen
National conversations: whose feathers are ruffled?
Global challenges: The contributions of social science

2015: Professor William Lane Craig

Divine Aseity
The Challenge of Platonism
Anti-Platonic Realism
Making Ontological Commitments
Just Pretend
Kalam Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God

2013: Professor Mark Goodacre (Duke)

Myths of Mary and the married Jesus: how popular culture is affecting scholarship

2012: Dr Rowan Williams

Idols, Images and Icons