Courses in Islamic studies

We offer a range of courses and modules in Islamic studies at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi by Eesa Latif

Undergraduate study

Islamic Studies can be taken as part of our Department of Theology and Religion undergraduate programmes. This is in addition to dissertation and/or placement.

In the Department of Theology and Religion

  • Introduction to Islam (1st year)
  • Women in Islam (2nd year)
  • Islam and the West (2nd year)
  • Sufism: Belief and Practice (2nd year)
  • Islamic Ethics (2nd year)
  • Introduction to Qur’anic and Classical Arabic (2nd year)
  • Understanding and Countering Radical Islamic Thinking and Practices (Final year)

In addition, students can choose special study,which provides an opportunity to undertake detailed critical engagement with a specific issue in Theology and Religion, including topics within Islamic Studies. 

Other modules available in the College of Arts and Law:

  • Kings and Propaganda: Power in the Islamic World (History)
  • First Crusades: contemporaries (History)
  • European Encounters with Islam in the Early Modern Period (History)
  • Rulers and Rebels of Early Islam (History) 
  • Cities of Paradise and Empire: Palaces, Shrines and Bandits in the Pre-Modern Islamic World (History) 
  • Islam in the Caucasus (History)
  • After the Mongols: Political Authority in Islam, 1200-1600 (History)
  • Anthropology of Islam (Anthropology and African Studies)


Postgraduate study

MA Islamic Studies

This programme offers a flexible framework within which you can develop knowledge and skills in Islamic Studies in historical and/or contemporary contexts, and provides an ideal foundation for further research. You will have the opportunity engage with material that is at the forefront of contemporary academic research in Islamic Studies, and explore a range of topics in Islamic Studies that reflect the expertise of academic staff: this may typically include content with historical, sociological, contextual, legal, textual or philosophical emphases.

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PhD/MA by Research/PhD by Distance Learning Theology and Religion 

At Birmingham we offer promising candidates the opportunity to carry out research in one of the UK’s largest and most diverse Departments of Theology and Religion. We have an outstanding international reputation in the study of Islam, including contemporary Muslim society; women and Islam; Muslims in Europe; Islamic philosophy; and Christian-Muslim Relations.

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[Photo credit: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi by Eesa Latif]