Undergraduate Study in the Department of Theology and Religion.

As one of the most culturally and religiously diverse communities in Europe, Birmingham provides a challenging and intellectual environment for studying Theology and Religion. You will benefit from our excellent relationships with the city’s faith communities and the work placement module will equip you with real-world experience in the workplace. Our staff have specialist expertise in many areas, such as feminism and gender studies, global ethics, the philosophy of religion, Sikhism, Jainism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and the study of the Holocaust. Whatever your interests, it is likely that we share them.

Theology and Religion student, Cait sits in the Arts lounge

I love the versatile nature of my course and the wide array of optional modules to choose from. This has enabled me to tailor my degree to my specific interests. For instance, I am particularly interested in ethics, therefore, I opted to take modules such as The Ethics of Killing and Sex, Ethics and Philosophy. I also like that my department is relatively small in comparison to other departments. This enabled me to get to know my course mates and department staff on a first-name-basis.

Caitlin, BA Philosophy, Religion and Ethics