Previous Islamic Studies events



5th December - Islamophobia, literature and culture

23rd November - Muslim Societies and Islam

21st November - Body and spirit in early Islamic theology

7th November - Funding research on transnational Islam: the ALTERUMMA project

25th October - Theology and Religion Research Project Seminar

17th October - The complexities of "talking back" - How Dutch Muslims claim a public voice in the face of the racialisation of Islam

3rd October - Academic freedom and free speech in a time of 'terror'

27th March - Exploring Radicalisation and Securitisation

21st March - Nasir al-Din Tusi and the Problem of Truthmaking in Medieval Arabic Thought

14th March - Seeing the Face of the Divine: Conceptions of God and the Cosmos in early Medieval Shiʿi Thought

7th March - Scriptural hermeneutics as philosophy: al-Shahrastani's Mafatih al-Asrar

28th February - Jewish Materials (isrāʾīlīyāt) in the Qurʾān and the 'Anxiety of Influence': Reflections on a Religious Debate

21st February - On European Islam: New Pathways beyond Orientalism and Occidentalism

7th February - Contesting Ibn Taymiyyah: the debate between Muhammad ibn 'Abdul Wahhāb and his brother Sulayman

31st January - Publicly Funded Islamic Education in Europe: an opportunity for equal rights or a way to control Islam?

24th January - I give you my word: Law and Medieval Islamicate Societies

17th-30th January - Objects of Knowledge in Kalām

10th-30th January - From Banning Burkinis to Halal Hysteria: constructing Islamophobia in the social and political spaces


6th December - Ibn Taymiyya's uses of Ibn Rushd on God's attributes

29th November - Questions in the history of Muslim education

22nd November - Is there a crisis in Muslim masculinity? Exploring the construction of Muslim masculinity in contemporary times and the impact of this

8th November - The legal status of Muslims in Switzerland

25th October - A jurist among judges: The role of the mufti in South Asia

18th October - Can the idea of a British Islam be rescued? Using the example of institutional change to trace British Muslim integration

11th October - The School of Ra'y: Legal rationalism and its place in the early classical Hanafi school

4th October - Using the 'other': Morisco 'borrowings' from Christian authors

5th May - Arabic and Persian printing history and culture

15th March - Points on translation and interpretation of the Qur'an

8th March - Muslims Living in non-Muslim Lands: Anti-Sharia Movements in the West in Light of Traditional Islamic Jurisprudence

23rd February - Understanding gender in the apocalyptic and utopian thinking of so called Islamic State

9th February - From Europe to the Gulf: religious rituals among Shia women in London and Kuwait

2nd February - Muslims living in non-Muslim lands: anti-Sharia movements in the West in light of traditional Islamic jurisprudence

26th January - The Houthis: their history, ideology and impact on the future of Yemen

19th January - Hermeneutics of a justice orientated reading of Shari'a in Shi'i thought

8th January - Will the real Ibn Taymiyya please stand up? Hunting for Ibn Taymiyya's theological ethics.