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Department of Theology and Religion
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Trans-formations: A grounded theology, rooted in the identities, experiences and understandings of trans and non-binary Christians
Supervisors:  Professor Ben Pink Dandelion and Dr Elliot Evans
PhD Theology and Religion


  • B.Mus. in Music Performance, 2012, Royal Northern College of Music
  • B.Th. in Theology for Ministry, 2016, University of Cambridge
  • M.Phil. in Christian Theology, 2017, University of Cambridge


Alex Clare-Young (they/them) is a consultant, educator, writer, speaker, campaigner, and minister. As a trans-masculine non-binary person, Alex is passionate about advocating for the inclusion of, and social justice for, trans people. Alex has been writing, speaking and leading workshops on trans inclusion and affirmation in secular and religious contexts for the past decade. Alex is also a specialist pioneer minister, ordained and deployed by the United Reformed Church (U.K.), with a particular interest in working with those who have experienced religious trauma, and with skills related to social-media-based ministry and mission.


• Cambridge Theological Federation, Trans Hermeneutics as part of the Bible in Context Course
• I also offer professional training re trans awareness and trans theology both independently and as a part of Inclusion Crowd


Trans and non-binary voices have been largely unheard in Christian theology. The questions that I seek to answer in my research are a) what are the theological understandings of those who transcend and transform gender binaries? and b) how might those understandings contribute to theology and ecclesial praxis. The paradigm of my research is queer; rooted in interpretivism and utilising grounded theory and feminist theory. It is complexified by the lived realities of trans and gender nonconforming individuals. My research includes reflexive autoethnography, considering my own trans-masculine identity and ten unstructured interviews with a diverse sample of trans and non-binary individuals. My conclusions will be as diverse as my participants, with an aim to multiply the diversity of voices, rather than to reduce or flatten them.

Other activities

  • Member of the Society for the Study of Theology
  • Freelance writer, speaker, and trainer
  • Minister of Churspacious
  • Founding Co-Chair of the Open Table Network
  • Principal Inclusion Consultant with Inclusion Crowd
  • Moderator of the Iona Community LGBTQ+ Common Concern Network


  • Clare-Young, A. (2019). Transgender. Christian. Human. Glasgow: Wild Goose Publications