Chesarae Hall-Fletcher

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Department of Theology and Religion
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: The Role of Pentecostal Altar Space in Engagement with God
Supervisor:  Professor Wolfgang Vondey
PhD Theology and Religion


  • Bachelor of Arts, San Francisco State University, Major: Black Studies, Minor: Cultural Anthropology
  • Master of Arts, Epic Bible College, Major: Biblical Studies
  • Master of Arts, Portland Seminary, Major: Theological Studies


Lecturer - (Epic Graduate School)

• Organizational Research Methods

• Medieval Church History, 600-1648 AD


My research poses the question: “How does the Pentecostal altar provide access to God?” I identify the altar as a multi-layer of social practice, theological concepts, and lived experiences. I argue that the Pentecostal altar is best analyzed as a geographic spatial phenomenon to explore the role of the Pentecostal altar in producing engagement with God. I utilize the theories of spatial geographers Henri Lefebvre, Production of Space, and Edward Soja, Thirdspace, as methods for analysis of the role of Pentecostal altar space in producing engagement with God.