Oscar Malande

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Department of Theology and Religion
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title:  Studies in African Christianity focusing on the development and growth of African Quakerism
SupervisorsProfessor Ben Pink Dandelion and Professor Francis Davis
PhD Theology and Religion


  • Master of Arts


I have served both as a pastor and chaplain for twelve years in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Vihiga Yearly Meeting in Kenya. I taught and served as a registrar and assistant academic dean at Friends Theological College Kaimosi. I am graduate in Master of Arts and certificate in entrepreneurial ministry from Earlham School of Religion and currently teaching at Friends Theological College Kaimosi.


I will be examining the development and growth of Quakerism as part of the larger Christendom in the African context. It will be informed by studying the impact of the missionary and post missionary Christian presence in Africa, and situating Quakerism in the context of African Christianity. Another important part that I will be looking at is how Quaker way of living has impacted life in the African context and the rest of the world. I would also like to add to the continuing global dialogue initiative in developing African Quaker theological voice.