Victoria O Laniba

Children's Complex Needs Social Worker (ASYE), Government of Jersey

MA Social Work, 2019

I did my undergraduate in the city of Birmingham and I fell in love with the city and its diverse population.

I felt that particularly with Social Work; it would be an ideal city to study in to get a realistic picture of the diverse population that I would upon graduation potentially be working with -  I was also attracted to the positive reputation of the University of Birmingham.

Why did you choose to study Social Work and does it continue to impact on your experiences?

I have a very keen interest in society and the way it operates, hence why I studied Sociology at bachelor’s degree level. I felt that with a Social Work masters, I would be able to apply some of the theories that I learnt within Sociology and also expand my knowledge of humans and the societal functions in which we live. Social Work has enabled me to grasp a very holistic understanding of this from a sociological, psychological, social policy and law perspective. It is a privilege to be able to support individuals at their most challenging, pivotal and private moments. I enjoy a rewarding career.

Did you participate in extra-curricular activities, if so how have these helped you in your current career?

Throughout the degree programme, I was a student representative and was able to represent the voice of my cohort and also attend meetings with staff members which were aimed at improving the output of the course. Being student-rep has contributed to my confidence in practice.

I also undertook a 3 month B-Seen business enterprise programme at the university, which enabled me to expand on my other interests and interact with students from outside of my degree field of study and engage in business ideas and presentations. This experience has afforded me the confidence and knowledge to pursue buried business plans.

What was your favourite spot on campus or in Birmingham?

I loved the study area on the 7th floor in the Muirhead Tower with the Survivor Arts drawings and paintings. I got a lot of inspiration from there. 

Describe your current role and organisation

I currently work for the Government of Jersey with the children’s complex needs team. I really enjoy my role as prior to graduating I really wanted to hold mental health cases and this role affords me that, as I work with children with learning disabilities and mental health difficulties. Since working within this team, my confidence in decision-making, understanding the impact of complex health diagnoses and working alongside other allied professionals has grown tremendously. The positive aspect of this team also is that as it is a specialist area, we hold both Child in Need and Child Protection cases which means I am able to develop my understanding of both areas. 

Describe a typical day

A typical day is dependent around how I schedule my calendar. Typically I arrange meetings (multidisciplinary, strategy, conferences, home-visits etc) for afternoons and conduct paperwork (assessments, case notes, reviews, CIN plans etc) in the mornings.

What one word would you use to describe the University of Birmingham?


Victoria O. LanibaWe Are (Third Width)


“Enjoy your time at the university as with the ‘student’ status, you have the privilege of being able to make mistakes and being able to learn and reflect from them whilst on placement. Also, do not leave your academic essays to the last minute!”