Workforce and professions

HSMC undertake research, teaching and evaluation issues of the health/ care workforce as they relate to the nature of work, its organisation and its delivery. It is through staff that the triple aims of health care (improving access, enhancing quality and controlling costs) are put into practice.

What do we do in this area?


These are current and recent research projects focusing on the knowledge and practices within the health sector workforce, staff experiences, motivation and impact, the organisation of work, as well as the professions and careers within the sector:


Across all our programmes, we address the challenges and opportunities facing the health and care workforce. Our focus is on the role and responsibilities of staff and we place particular emphasis on clinical and front-line staff.

How do we do this?

We develop a close understanding of the lifeworlds of health and care workers. Our research, evaluation and teaching explores the power and social structures affecting the professional lives of healthcare workers, as well as the organisational and professional cultures they are embedded in.

Who is involved in this work stream?

Kerry Allen, Mervyn Conroy, Mark Exworthy, Nicola Gale, Russell Mannion, Ross Millar, Catherine Needham, Martin Powell, Yvonne Sawbridge, Judith Smith, Iain Snelling.

PhD Students carrying out research within this work stream are: James Brackley, Julie Werrett, Chris Gowing, Michael Burrows, Adekemi Sekoni, Liam Spalding.

Key contacts for this work stream are Mark Exworthy and Nicola Gale.