Surgical Trainees Leadership Conference

Park House (G19 on the campus map)
Friday 14 September 2018 (11:00-16:30)

For booking queries – James Liddiard

This conference will be of interest to anyone working to improve health services, especially clinicians, managers, and educators.

The participants of a Health Education England West Midlands Leadership Programme for Surgical Trainees will be presenting back the results of the projects that they have been working on as part of the programme.

The programme, delivered by the Health Services Management Centre at the University of Birmingham, started in February, and has been supported by external speakers, HEE surgical Faculty and the University. Topics covered in the programme included leadership, team working, service improvement, patient safety and personal development.

The projects that the participants have been working on cover a wide range of issues relevant to surgical practice.

There will be two presentation sessions -11.15 - 12.45

Lunch: 13.45 - 15.15

At 3.30 Dr Adrian Plunkett, Consultant Paediatric Intensivist at Birmingham Childrens’ Hospital will close the programme with a presentation on Learning from Excellence

There will be two parallel sessions for the presentations, which will give evaluations of both the process and outcomes of the project, and an assessment of what the participant has learned through the project. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion, and lunch will be provided.